inFlow Inventory Software for SME, now with special discount

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inFlow is the most popular inventory software designed for small to mid size businesses inventory system  that enable to handle sales, purchasing, and inventory management and control.

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inFlow Inventory Software organizes users products  with pictures, prices, and categories, even 10,000+ products on a regular PC.

inFlow Inventory Software is compatible with most barcode scanners and users can apply various units of measurement.

inFlow Inventory Software tracks inventory in multiple locations and records its movement. The developer has provided two version, Regular Edition and Premium Edition as well.

Learn more:

  • inFlow inventory management software regular edition here
  • InFlow Premium Edition here

InFlow key feature

  • Automatically assemble finished products or packages from raw materials, updating the inventory accordingly.
  • One-Click Simple Workflow
  • advanced workflow to track more detailed things like shipping information, specialized picking, and customer returns
  • Look good with our professionally designed invoices. You can customize the logo, color, and fonts to suit your business’ style.
  • Reorder Stock button to automatically generate Purchase Orders for products that are low in stock
  • Have everyone working off the same data in real time using multi-user mode. You can have everyone’s computers connected within the same network, or even over the internet!
  • Restrict who has access to see or modify what. inFlow allows you to create different login users, each with a different set of access rights.
  • Buy and sell in different currencies, and set your own exchange rates. inFlow also comes in English, Spanish, French, and Chinese, or you can even translate to another language yourself.

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