21% OFF –Genie Timeline Pro 2012 discount coupon code from NJDR

discount coupon code genie timeline pro



I see recent offer of this awesome backup apps vendor. See new year 2013 offer here


Exclusive offer only this April to get 21% OFF for Genie Timeline Pro 2012. Get the discount coupon code from the owner of NJDR –available only in April 2012b.

Genie Timeline Pro 2012 is a data backup application that provides backup of files and data on the computer to work to secure. The user can select the files that are to be saved and will be given the option to put in the folder saved documents. Genie Timeline Pro 2012 with the new interface provides more  interesting features.

Access here for details

Genie Timeline Pro 2012 application interface’s is easy to master the instrument easy to navigate. Backup file is labeled Made Easier by degrees, and more available. Also the price of automatic; not be published here. For this reason, it is done by the password for each application. This provides security backup file. Please allow the authority of all translations will be. The password must be at least 256 bits in the code.

Genie Timeline Pro 2012  backs up all your important data. It searches for your files in your computer, external and network drives so you don’t have to backs up your documents, pictures , music, videos and more; backs up new and modified files; detects changes.

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Genie Timeline Pro 2012 keeps versions to recover older or deleted files and it protects mobile data synced to your computer. Users can view  their backup in its native or encrypted form and backs up external, network or any storage attached to your PC

Here Genie Timeline Pro 2012 discount coupon code

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