Growing Organic Lifestyle

The world has changing as the earth climate getting hotter. Food crops production could be altered while people’s demand on food would be higher as well.

How can we produce more food without changing our tehcnology? Currently, there are growing demand on the organic food. For last decades, most food production were supported by chemical substances aiming to increase the production or just protecting crops from pest and disease. Advantage technology pushed more processed food into market and it mixed with preservatives so will be longer fresh during marketing line.

Some people are worry on additional substances in their food. They heard that some disease are linked with additional food subtance. The best way to avoid it is back to organic matters.


A recent report indicates that the global organic-products market has reach USD 6.8 billion. It means that the market has increased in size by 2.5 times. One of important organic producing country is Thailand that support its orgnic industry with certification, internationally recognized. A Thai most popular organic product is jasmine rice which planted is large special field.

However, we can found so many source of organic source, thanks to worl-wide internet connecting farmers and market. If Thailand has organic jasmine rice, and we can found organic coffee from Indonesia, the we can also find Natural and Organic Skin Care and Makeup available online.

Lets make our life worthful by using organic products!


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