AR to reshape business practice

Metaio SDKAlex Bray predicts change on customer behaviors. He describe how ‘mobile banking’ term perceived is a bit different with before the smartphone era. A few years ago, some of us could be very familiar with SMS banking.

In the next 3-5 years, the meaning of mobile banking will become more literal – an umbrella term to refer to any banking on the go. I believe the catalyst for these changes will be wearable devices.  —Alex Bray

The question is, how Augmented Reality (AR) technology changes customer behaviors? Alex Bray explains on growing-interest device called wearable device –referring to Google Glass and  ‘iWatch’ bracelet. He predicts that the device will done as Apple in 2007 with its iPhone.

AR technology is growing. It used by game developers as well to create impressive experience in both 2D and 3D. Metaio is one of licence they usually used to remove some watermark at their apps. It has version both Metaio Pro and Basic (Learn here for interesting package offer).

Augmented Reality used in wearable device has brighter future. More investments, open competition is expected by most of us, the customer. Because we love useful technology at affordable price. 🙂


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