Search the size of transaction cost at carbon project

Transaction cost is ubiquitous–it rises in almost every financial activities in our daily world. I’m searching the publication that revealing the transaction cost in climate change project, especially in forest carbon project.

As the carbon trading become more popular, understanding the transaction cost help to create efficient and fair carbon trade in the future.

Some paper discussing transaction costs include:

  1. Williamson, O. 1979 “Transaction Cost Economics: The Governance of Contractual Relations,” Journal of Law and Economics, 22 : pp. 233-261.
  2. Stavins, J. (1995), ‘Transaction costs and tradeable permits’, Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 29, 133-148.
  3. CIFOR (1999) ‘Transaction Costs of Forest Carbon Projects’ prepared by Milne M., Bogor-Indonesia: CIFOR (Working Paper CC05-ACIAR project ASEM 1999/093) [Online]. Available at:

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