Kvisoft Flash Video Gallery for creative 3D Flash slideshow

buy Kvisoft Flash Video GalleryI’ve seen so many cool flash and always curious on how to create and present it attractively. Then I read about a flash video gallery software that provide me more about flash-related presentation. Kvisoft Flash Video Gallery is a popular tools to create 3D Flash slideshow. It easy to use when we create flash slide show for the purpose of business photo presentations. For the web developer, attaching flash will create more interactivity features that’s will attract more visitors.

Kvisoft Flash Video Gallery  allows you to add photos, while it enable to import  videos and music that will make your  photo slideshow more interesting.

The awesome feature is the integration with more than 25 professional 3D gallery templates. This template will assist its users to organize and show off photos with ease.

This flash video gallery features with option to Publish to xml video Flash gallery as SWF option, Generate stand-alone exe for burn on CD, package to others via Email option, create  online video gallery and the facility to package it as zip file. Cool isn’t?

Learn more here and get the downloadable trial version.


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