What’s your main reason for change the world?

superman change the world

Warner Bros.

This is a simple questions to respond a post from ProBlogger, written by Nate St. Pierre,  a web marketing consultant . Nate encourages us to create something valuable from our desk.  From our desk, I think, we can make our world better, change the world or make something different.

Blogging is one of most popular online activities. Most bloggers involve in what we call now as social networking.  They use social media such tweeter, facebook, pinterest and others. There’re plenty of social media that connecting people around the world.  Is social networking a key for change the world?

No, I think we are always face the wide of possibility. Who has invented twitter, facebook, instagram, email or tablet computer? That’s the way we can change the world: invent new technology. We believe social networking can change the world, that’s true. But it’s not the only one.

Arab Spring has widely involved social media, leading to the mass publicity, more victims, global aids or the winning of the opposition. We saw how the fact become news, spreading fast and mixed with hoax as well.

So, what’s your main reason for change the world? From your desk?


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