How fast can you move

DARPA’s Hypersonic Glider could be the fastest vehicle on earth. AP news suggested that the research aims ”  to give the U.S. military the ability to reach anywhere in the world in under an hour.”
The future glider could be controlled by a human-pilot, or coming with the several passengers.  They can reach any places on earth less than our.  Imagine, they can reach Tokyo and back to New York before our lunch time over. Will they experience super duper jet lag?
Salute for the sky-rocket scientists who spent their time for the super-fast travel technology. Their works can change our world and how we see the entire world.  The super fast vehicle clearly made using sophisticated rocket science . The scientists must be featured with more than 150 IQ (or nearly 190?) —to describe as the cleverest and rarest people on earth.

An experimental hypersonic glider was forced to abort its 13,000 mph flight over the Pacific Ocean during the summer of 2011 because larger than expected portions of its skin peeled off, officials from the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) announced on Friday. According to the Associated… — Read more DARPA’s Hypersonic Glider Aborted Due To Shell Degradation (via redOrbit)

While we fascinated by their excellent works, did you know that:

  • There’s a software that has ability to analyze motion of the tiny creature? It’s called motion analysis software that mostly used in marine biological science.
  • Several weeks ago, US public was streamed by health tv news about weigh loss product from natural compound. They call raspberry ketone supplement.
  • Android phone can be traced? Even you can monitor your kids with the android tracking software.

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