A night in Balikpapan

hotel in balikpapanLooking a nice hotel in Balikpapan? Don’t worry, there are plenty of hotels there, start from the low rate, cheap, affordable to the five stars hotel. Check the complete list at Agoda.

Last week I just visited the city before back to Jakarta. It was told by my colleagues about the discount rate for a new and popular hotel, Swiss-Bell. A frequent flier must be familiar with this hotel which exists in many cities in Asia, Middle-East and other regions. Sure, it’s a hotel managed with international corporation.

A huge billboard is easy to find at the arrival terminal of Sepinggan airport. The billboard promotes the Swiss-Bell hotel group that just opened in January 2012. And it says a discounted rate through February. Okay, that’s interesting.

I arrived at the hotel about 15 minutes from the airport. Not so far. Their pick-up service was quick and good. The driver said that the hotel was about opened few days before and another Swiss-Bell will be launched very soon. What? Another hotel from the same group in a city?

Then my curiosity ended at the lobby. I read the brochure and realize that it’s a Swiss-BellInn, not Swiss-BellHotel. And the Balikpapan will have Swiss-BellHotel, that has better view of the sea.

Balikpapan is known for the oil & gas industry. In this city, you’ll find many oil & gas companies that operated in the East Kalimantan area. What make I wonder, that the city it cleaner than Samarinda, or Banjarmasin (biggest citiy in S. Kalimantan) and even Pontianak (biggest city in West Kalimantan).

A night in Balikpapan for me is not enough to explore the entire city beauty. Pasar Kebun Sayur is the most recommended place to find souvenir such, colorful stones, lampit (rattan carpet-like), batik clothes or amplang (crispy snack made from fish).

If you have opportunity to travel and search the best hotel in Balikpapan just use the Agoda to find and book the hotel. I see some other hotel also interesting such Aston or Santika.


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