Sudden drop in search traffic

sudden dropHappy new year, and happy to wake up!

Blogging is really challenging activities.  After enjoying the period of  holiday seasons at the end of 2011, one of my blogs was getting drop dramatically. I lost the visitors and faced de-javu just like establishing a new blog.

One of the significant traffic source is search engine. Loosing traffic from a major search engine is really painful. I know that we must diverse our traffics sources, from various engine, social media or other referrals. I’m not a professional blogger, but receiving traffics from a major search engine equals to hard work factors combined by fortune.

A notice from search engine unveiling your unusual traffic pattern is enough to destroy your two-years works gathering traffics. I see, a one-week age blog gaining thousand of hundreds traffic in a day will be seen as unusual. They will remove your blog from the indexed search page also because you’ve made an attracting title, by rewarding visitors to click the link. They don’t like un-natural methods (this is a kind of a black hat method? honestly, I don’t know)

Another cause of sudden drop is the change of ip address. Your blog is managed by shared hosting and the hosting service conduct an new arrangement of ther ip network, by migrating some ip address to another one. This activity caused the search engine lost of information. I predict each search engine has database which locate some keywords with relevance blogs and its ip address where the blog hosted.

Do you have any other ideas?


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