The rich list 2011

Living on a richest country doesn’t guarantee you to become richest man on earth!

The 2011 rich list means anything. For the business man, the rich list made by Forbes is good as reference of developing the assets. Forbes richest list discloses various type of businessman from various sectors. Because of their wealth is valued using stocks, the list could be too simple.

Some interesting notes are

  • Richest man from developing countries mostly from extractive industries. Coal, plantations are the common assets generators.
  • Richest man from developed countries coming from various industries. High tech, property or diversified business. See the richest Canadian!
  • Financial industry is commonly found in all type of countries. So, if you wanna to be rich, you should learn money from other’s money 🙂
  • Richest countries are not equal with the age of a country. There is natural capital playing important roles at the first period, but the human capital is the most important.
  • The richest countries are using combined human capital within laws and good institutions–making people to run business in easy and free way.

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