The eid travelers

traveller picsWondering that many Indonesian has become regular traveler every year in welcoming Eid, someone might be had assessed its economic impacts along the movement. They mostly travel from urban to rural areas, taking flights, buses, train or even drive their own motorcycle.  Obviously, travelers peak transportation’s traffics in very short term period. Travelers add additional flights, trains and fuel consumption.

Last year, travelers have pushed fuel provider to stockpile more than averaged days. Travelers also alerted security and traffic management as well as health service in response of accidents. At the same time, government released public notice on food availability ensuring food price in affordable level for most people. More resources were allocated to control availability and price of public commodities such sugar, rice, meat, egg and others.

In short, the movement of Eid’s travelers implicating additional costs for most involved companies and agencies. But, there are companies seeing as a great opportunity. They are who want to sell things from various accessories, cloths or latest gadget.

Eid traveler presents of success, a time toward better life, a pursuit of happiness for their family. Traveling to their home is about a journey of sharing life experiences. What are they bring for will showed to their family and friends telling unremarkable stories. At this point, commercial interests are collaborating smoothly transporting positive massages of its brands to broader audience. Thus, it’s nice to see Eid travelers taking its jewellery and watches.

Note that some traveler will hard to take best performances. It is not necessary to read sunglasses buying guide or not, take it in front of all folks will be more interesting.

Happy mudik lebaran 2009!


3 responses to “The eid travelers

  1. hai Bro…
    nice post bro, it is true that for ied mudik… there will be increasing in traveler. But in my place, we have no problems such us poeple in Java, although we leave in very rural area…. Soroako

  2. long journey to home with our family. exhausting travel. but this is good moment together with big family after a year apart.

    greeting for you. come by our blog. thanks for your back link

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