Hambaro: Rich and Poor

This spot located in Nanggung sub-district, an hour trip from Bogor city. On top of a valley, I saw settlement of Hambaro village. Hambaro village claimed as poorest village in Bogor District. Maybe you won’t believe, Hambaro has fertile land and good access to Jakarta. Some villagers cultivate paddy for subsistence. Others plant guava and vegetables. There’re also abandoned lands since people tend to get cash work like trading, infrastructure worker in Jakarta.

Another cash work attracts people of Hambaro: gold mining! Yeah, although there’s a state-owned company of gold mining settles near the village, people still run gurandil, a traditional gold machine. They dig gold-clay in mountains, bring it down and process it in gurandil. Miners sometime left their family for one or three weeks to get sacks of clay.

So this is a spot we find rich natural resources surrounded by poverty

A view of Hambaro (photo by Iip)

A view of Hambaro (photo by Iip)


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