Education for the poor : A story of a woman’s path

They’re talking about education intensively from south to east, A to Z. At the same time, their neighborhood trapped into poor situation. They are poor people with low access education services.

I remember when I visited a village near Mt. Halimun two weeks ago. It’s about one hour from Bogor. The story it’s about a husbandless family with six children. Yes, the mother’s is taking care 6 children alone.

I met the mother and their neighborhoods at the farmers meeting. They told to us that her husband has been disappearing since 2 years ago. The last news from him was on the last Eid, last year. He told to her that he would back in three months again. But tree months have just passed.

The husband was a driver, she said. He originally from Sumatra, and run a public-car (‘angkot’) in Bogor. Met at the first time in angkot, and then he decided to marry her. What a pity, after 12 years (just count from the number of children) he left.

Without a job, house, land, even valuables, she must take 6 children! After the left she back to her home-village. Now, she’s staying in small wooden like-house building. We asked to her about the husband profile deeply, like the ID-card or the way to his home in Sumatra, etc. Sadly, she didn’t have much information. Even the way to his home in Sumatra, she only knows a small road with called ‘Gang Becak’. Where’s ‘Gang Becak’ in Sumatra? What is the district, what is the province? Does he have a phone number?

A 12 years period is along time. But it doesn’t always reflect how deep the relation is. She showed it to us. Do you think it can be happen to you? If you are a woman spent 17 years of education, what will you do to tie your relation stronger?

The first boy, 12 years, replaces his father to seek some money. He sells plastics bag in the market. What are your 12 years-nephew doing now?

I’m talking about women education access in a village which only one hour from the city. Even the city has several universities. Government may provided education services well but is it affordable to all citizens? How about the poor? I wonder, with high cost of education fee in most of state-universities, it may only high-class students attending the courses.

In next years more people will get the education better and easier. No more family trapped into poor situation as well as lack of education. The question is, how?


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